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Welcome to my Personal Weather Station for southern Arizona. It's located about 10 miles north from the Mexico border adjacent to the city of Sierra Vista. Located on the globe at latitude 31 degrees 27.1 minutes north, longitude 110 degrees 13.8 minutes west, elevation 4600 feet. All weather data is delivered via my Davis Personal Weather Station (Vantage Pro II) with no more than a 1 minute delay. The weather watch "Webcam" view available on the "Current Hereford Weather" link is pointed towards the northern sky over Sierra Vista.

In this area of Arizona our primary weather concerns are high winds and monsoonal flooding. The high winds are predominantly in the spring and monsoon season but can happen anytime of the year. Our monsoon rains come like clockwork every year and run from the first week of July and continue through the middle of September. During this time we'll receive a majority of our precipitation which sadly is only about 12.75 inches annually. On the bright side, the monsoons provide a green landscape during the summer and we do enjoy over 220 days of blue sky per year.

Why have a weather station at your home? It allows me to track local historical weather data and provides the capability of monitoring the weather at my home when I'm away. If you ask my wife, she'll tell you she just looks out the window. I hope you find this site useful.   

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